Sheds are a good place

My shop is probably pretty much like many other makers.  Well two shops really.   I have a finishing shop where I live in Melbourne and one in Merrricks at my father-in-law’s place.  The one in Merricks is the forge shop.  I go day for a day or a few days and forge some projects then come back to town and finish them.

2014-09-17 11.10.49_resized

slack belt grinding on the Burr King

I have most of the tools I need to do what I do.  i say most because there is always another tool out there to want/need.  The older I become though the bigger and heavier they seem to get.  So I am pretty well stocked…for now.

I have a Burr King grinder that has been in constant use for 20 years.  It has been modified more than once to do the jobs needed easier and more efficiently, deferent work rests and tool rests etc.

I am a big fan of disk grinders and have four of them in the finishing shop.  They are a great tool for flat grinding blades, handle work, fabrication, just about anything really.  They excel at getting things flat but they work great for curves and transitions between hard and soft materials.  i find myself doing more and more handle work on them all the time.

2014-06-11 15.30.47_resized

drilling alignment pins in a three piece collar

I have the universal and unremarkable bench drill. It recently received an upgrade with a Jacobs keyless chuck.  That was 20 years overdue, they are a real time saver.  An after market table can be seen in the photo as well.  These are made in New Zealand and have some fantastic features   like centring round stock for cross drilling and much better clamping options.  Cleaver Kiwi’s.




turning a finial on the Sheraton Lathe

A recent addition to the shed has been a shop built horizontal small wheel grinder.  i have always wanted to build my own grinder and glad I did.  It has a 6″, 4″ and small wheel yoke available at all times.  Each of the wheels has it’s own adjustable table.  Like the keyless chuck i am kicking myself for waiting so long to add it to the mix.  Great tool and changed the way  do some things for the better.

I have a lathe, it was built in Melbourne Australia in the late 50’s.  It is made by Sheraton and is a licensed copy of a 9″ South Bend.  They actually made a few improvements to the original in my opinion.  I don’t do much on knives with it, but it is great to make things to help make knives with.  A Taiwanese Mill Drill completes the big tools in the finishing shop.  I made knives for many years without a mill.  I could do it again, but I would rather not.